Izumi Sakai - ZARD (vo) Born february 6 too...

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Izumi Sakai - ZARD (vo) Born february 6 too...

Post by Kisen on Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:47 am

I grew up listening Zard in 90's

Before The Brilliant Green debut Zard was in the spotlight.
Like Tommy, Zard (vocalist) Izumi Sakai born in February 6.
She was a great singer and song writer too...

There are so many beautiful songs... like Makenaide, My Friend, Totsuzen, Eien, Goodbye my loneliness...


坂井泉水 Sakai Izumi ~ 6 February 1967 27 May 2007

i miss her so much... kitto wasurenai

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